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                      Scariest Mystery of Vampires

There are many types of people in the world, some of which are realistic, some are imaginary, but there are some species that can neither be called realistic nor hypothetical. These people are so mysterious that nobody has complete knowledge about them. The name of such a species is the Vampires: These people are neither the whole human nor the animals nor the survivors nor are they dead.
Vamp The scariest truth
According to the documents found in history, Vampires are those species which basically are the dead people, but they wake up on a particular day. After waking up, these people like to drink blood of humans or any animal to calm their hunger and then go back to sleep in their graves before sunrise.

There are many such incidents in history that indicate the presence of the vampires, but according to science their is no existence of Vampire, because according to science, it is not possible for a person to be alive again after death. So let us read some stories that point to Vampire's existence.

                                                  Peter The blood sucker

In the year 1700 Vampires and the events connected with them were very popular and 1700-1730 is considered as the time of Dracula. In those days, people were afraid of taking the name of Vampires on places like Europe and England. In 1725, a farmer whose name was Peter died, but after a few days of his death, something happened that shocked the people.

Three days after his death, Peter came to his 10-year-old son and asked him to eat something. His son gave him food and after eating food he went back and came back again the next day, this time his son refused to give him food and the next day his son was found dead. It was known that there was no drop of blood in his body. Looking at that baby's neck, it seemed as if someone had scratched his neck badly. Similar deaths continued for 9 consecutive days and the villagers was so much feared that they decided to seek the help of Vampires Hunter.

When these Vampire Hunters examined all the 10 deaths and their dead bodies, they found that the cause of all these deaths is vampires. When they open peter grave there were surprised. The dead body of Peter was still fresh and his clothes were still wet with blood and in his mouth there was a bird's wings. The vampire hunter then handed over the peter body to the fire and his ashes were buried in front of a nearby church so that Peter's vampire did not wake up again and after that Peter was never seen again.

                                                            Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory was also known as Blood Countess. She is considered to be one of the few most cruel women in history, Many people believe that Elizabeth was a living vampire and she kill people very cruelly. She used new ways to kill people.

Elizabeth slaughtered 10 to 14 year old girls and washed with their blood. She believed that she maintained her beauty with the blood of 10 to 14 years old girls.
Bothered by Elizabeth's cruelty, the other officials captured her and sent her in the prison.
Elizabeth bethroy

One night in 1614 Elizabeth complained to the jail guard that she felt very incitement in her body, but the watchman ignored all the statements of Elizabeth and her body was found dead on the next day.
And when Coffin was opened to bury her body, her body had disappeared from that coffin and the mystery of  disappearance body has not been solved yet.

Bermuda Triangle Facts

                              Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is part of the North Atlantic Ocean, also called Devil's Triangle. This is the place from which many of the aircraft and the ships had disappeared.
Bermuda Triangle is spread over 13 lakh square meters of sea, although it is difficult to estimated the starting and end point of the triangle. Bermuda Triangle is the place where compass do not work properly due to magnetic disturbance.
Bermuda Triangle
Experts believe that aircraft and ships disappear in Bermuda triangle due to not working properly of compass. The people passing through here say that they see the tunnel of a cloud under which the radar of the aircraft stops working. After straining inside the Bermuda Triangle, contact with the outside world is broken. The scientist called him Electronic fog.

These are the fogs that arise from the ocean and take the form of tornado, while reaching to the sky.
Whenever an aircraft or ship passes through the Bermuda Triangle, it does not return even no plane or ship wreck was found and many books and movies about Bermuda Triangle have also been made.


                               Mystery behind Bermuda Triangle

American scientists have claimed that for the accidents in Bermuda Triangle a storm of 273 hours per hour is the biggest reason.
This new type of storm is being called Air bomb. According to the scientists, hexagonal clouds present on the Bermuda Triangle make such pressure that the winds begin to run at 273 hours per hour, and it produce a power of destructive bomb in air. The speed of this Air bomb can be estimated from the fact that due to this, the waves of the ocean begin to rise up to 45 feet high.

These hexagonal clouds are a huge pattern of cloud, which resemble clouds found on Saturn's pole.
These clouds on the Bermuda Triangle stretch from 32 km to 88 km.

Over the last 100 years, due to the Bermuda Triangle, nearly 1000 people have died. Between 1945 to 1965, 8 aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle had disappeared secretly. On 1 October 2015 a ship wreck found in a depth of 15000 kilometers from the surface of the sea.
Ship wreck

 Even today, on average 4 aircraft and 20 ships disappear every year in Bermuda triangle.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

200 Demons House Mystery

                  Mystery behind 200 demons house

Many people believe that there is no existence of ghosts, but there are some people who believe in them and some people believe that they have seen such incidents and also today's science does not know much about it.
So today we will discuss about such incidence.

In Nov 2011, a woman named Latoya Ammons came to live with her three children in a rental house located in Carolina Street. Latoya did not like this home from the very beginning, but the condition of the family was not good, so they decided to stay in this house.
After few days Paranormal incidents took place and have brought a storm in the life of Latoya and her family. In 2011, the first incident of paranormal activity was encountered when Big Black Flies attacked Latoya's house.

Millions of Big Black Flies came together in their house. The surprise thing was that in the cold of December these flies are almost impossible to meet because these flies go to some hot place in winter. She also told that she heard the voice of someone walking in the stairs built in the basement of the house and she blocked the path leading up to the basement and still those voice came.

Demons House

One night, Latoya's mother saw a man's shadow, when she tried to follow this shadow, she found nothing except shoes mark, and after this incident, the fear of Latoya's family turned into a belief, and they became convinced that in his house some demonic soul are present.
One night, Latoya and his mother heard the voice of someone shouting from their daughter's room and when both of them reached the room, they saw Latoya's 12-year-old daughter was hanged in the air, seeing this Latoya and her mother scared badly.

After a while, when the child sensed, she did not remember anything, then Latoya decided to seek help from someone. She told her story to a priest of nearby church but priest refused to help her. Although the priest told her that the house they are living in has not 1-2 but more than 200 souls are present, and listening to this, Latoya shocked.

The priest said that she would evacuate that house as soon as possible, but Latoya could not do such because she was not in good condition. After a few days, the souls entered the body of Latoya's children. When this happens the voices of those children became heavy and a scary smile appeared in their face. Because of these souls, the condition of children became so bad that many times they had to take to the hospital.
Latoya House
Latoya's 9-year old son once started walking up on the hospital's wall, and the staff of the hospital was scared after seeing all this. Everyone was convinced that they had possessed. After this incident, Hospital, Police and Church decided to help Latoya and his family

The priest performed the Exorcism at Latoya's house and after some time to exorcism, the priest health started getting worse.

Exorcism done at Latoya's House
Slowly slowly Latoya was relieved of these 200 souls, but she was troubled by the memories associated with this house, and then Latoya and his family shifted to another house allotted by Government and after 6 months that 200 demons house was demolished by Government. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

What is Black Hole

                                     The Black Hole

Black Hole itself is a name that has absorbed a lot of mystery in it, so today we will discuss about Black Hole.

The man who had first published his views about the black hole in front of the world, was Professor John Michell (1724-1793), who was a professor at University of Cambridge had given his thoughts about black holes in 1783. After him in 1796, a scientist from France Pierre Simon (1749-1827) has explained the black hole in his book "The system of the world".

Black hole is that body in the Universe whose gravitational power is so much that even light can not be passed across it and if any thing coming near it, black holes swallows that thing. Not only this, the closer the thing passes to the black hole, the effect of  time also diminishes and there is no existence of time within the black hole circle.

                                                      How Black hole was made  
Black hole creation
Black holes are an extremely dense object. In the universe, if we shorten any object by compressing it, then it mass and density will increase its gravitational force so much that even light cannot passed through it and that thing is called black hole. If the density of our earth increases too much and by simply compressing the whole earth to 1.5 cm, its gravity will increase and it will also become a black hole.

 Similarly if we shorten sun by compressing it, it will also become a black hole, but remember that the density is very important in comparison to the mass in the black hole, and the earth and the Sun are not shrinking in this way, because neither the earth nor the gravitational forces of the sun are so

But if a star hundreds of times bigger than our Sun, whose mass and density are very high, become a black hole with these properties, and most of the black holes are made of such stars.

The Stars are born by the clouds of galvanized dust and gas particles present in the galaxy and these clouds made of gas are called Nebula (A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases) and when percentage of density increases in the Nebula, then this cloud starts to be compressed automatically and the heat inside it so high that the molecules of hydrogen and helium collide with each other and make a round shape and in this way stars created.

But in the process, many millions of years have passed. Our Sun was also created like this and when the hydrogen dies in the stars, the star starts to cool down slowly.

Now, the stars that have ended their own fuel, can not keep themselves stable against their own gravity, and an explosion inside such stars occurred , which is called Supernova.
Supernova star formation
"A supernova is a transient astronomical event that occurs during the last stellar evolutionary stages of a massive star's life, whose destruction is marked by a final titanic explosion. This causes the sudden appearance of a "new" bright star, before slowly fading from sight over several weeks or months".

After this explosion, if any part of that star remains which is very dense, then it becomes a highly dense Neutron star. Due to the immense gravity pull on such stars, the star starts to be compressed and compresses up to a limit and becomes a black hole.

The entire mass of a black hole is centered in a small point called the Central Singularity Point. The circular boundaries around this point are called Event Horizons. Any object falling in the black hole divides into molecules and due to its high density, they move to a place which has not been found yet.

                                                  Types of Black Hole 

There are many types of black holes in the universe:

Such stars whose mass is few times greater than our sun, and become black hole due to shrinkage, it is called Stellar Mass Black Holes.

The black hole that is built in the centre of the galaxy and whose density is immense and which are very vast are called Super Massive Black Holes. Mass of  such black holes have millions of times more than our sun. There is a Super massive black hole in the middle of our Milky Way Galaxy, which is 10 million times more than our Sun.

There are also black holes in which the mass is less than our Sun, it is called Primordial or Small black hole. According to Stephen Hawking, we can learn about the origin of the universe by studying such a black hole.

Black holes are actually no holes, they are mere remains of a dead star. After passing crores of years, a star is ending and is born as a black hole.
All stars do not become black holes. Some black holes can also pull the entire Galaxy up towards him. Black hole does not pull the object outside its gravitational force. About Black hole, it was said from the time of Michell but the first black hole coming in front of the world was Cygnus X 1 and it was confirmed in 1972.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Mysterious Places where you can't visit

                                    7 Mysterious Places:

Today we will talk about 7 places where nobody is allowed to go, and behind them is a wonderful mystery.

                                                                  Snake Island

Snake island Brazil
33 km away from a Brazilian city of São Paulo,  Snake Island. These small islands are full of the world's most dangerous snakes. There are about 4,000 snakes inhabited in this island. The world most poisonous snake Golden Lancehead (It is said that this snakes can kill 50 people from 1 gram of their poison) is also found on this island. Because of such thousands of snakes, humans are forbidden to go here. Brazil Govt. created a lighthouse in 1909 in this island, to keep ships away from this island.
Snake Island
The Lighthouse used to takecare by a family but their death was also done by snakes bite, after which the Brazilian government completely shutoff this lighthouse and banned this island forever for humans.

                                                           Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Suicide forest
Aokigahara in the foothills of Japan's Mount Fuji, also known as Suicide Forest. This forest of Japan's are most famous suicide site and in this place many incidents of communal suicides have emerged. In the year 2003, 105 dead bodies were found and due to this, this forest is considered as Ghost place. Besides this many incidents of looting in the forest have emerged, but till now no one has seen these robbers. There is also a secret of this forest that no network work here.

                                                                   Area 51

Area 51 Nevada
Area 51 is located in the southern part of Nevada. This place was created in 1995 by the United States Air Force for testing of planes, but the stories related to this place is very popular.
Where, on one side, the military claims that this place is used for the construction of new and expensive aircraft, on the other hand many people say that there is a UFO and here's the experiment on aliens is being done. X Aerospace Engineer white bushman who worked for a long time on the Area 51 project, shared some photos, the things seen in the photo do not look like humans.
Some videos were also found on aliens, which authenticate the White Bushman's story. Some other similar stories are also prevalent.

                                                       Moscow Metro 2

Moscow Metro Russia
The Underground Metro Rail System, located in Moscow city of Russia, is named Metro 2. This Metro was built by Joseph Stalin and its name was B6. The length of  Metro 2 is more than Moscow's public  network
Joseph Stalin designed this railway line to move from one place to another in a situation like Nuclear attack.

                                                      North Sentinal Island

North Sentinal Island
Sentinal Island is situated in India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This island is one of the most beautiful islands of India but no one can go on this island because the Sentinal Tribe lives here. This is the only people in the world who are still living the life of the stone age. They do not like the outsiders to come to this island, so it is very dangerous to visit this island. Efforts to make contact with them failed every time because whenever anyone comes around this island,  they attack him with arrows and spears and do the same deal with them that they do with their prey.

                                                             Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island Italy
 In Venetian Lagoon of Italy, there is a small island named Poveglia. In April 1348 a plague was spread in Italy and Venice. That time this island was used to keep the dead bodies and to burn them.
Again in 1630, another plague spread here and once again this island was used as a mortuary.
This place was then renovated in 1922 and a hospital was built here, but the people believed that they saw the ghosts of the people burnt here and since then this place has been closed forever.

                                                         Coca Cola Vault 

Coca Cola Vault

Coca Cola Volts is located in Atlanta. The Coca-Cola recipe's Secret Formulas are preserved in this place for 125 years. Apart from the two or three employees of Coca-Cola company,  no other has information about this recipe.You can go inside this voltage by paying a heavy price but can not reach Coca Cola recipe yet.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Dangerous Serial Killer

                Extremely Dangerous Serial Killer

There are people of every kind of personality in the world, and sometimes we meet people with whom it is very difficult to assess their personality. These people are living a kind of double life and keep their double character hidden from the people.

Well, these people behave like normal people, so it is very difficult to find their other personality.
Today, we will read about an assassin that killed about 37 people in 38 years, but no one has ever been able to identify him till date.

                                                    The Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Killer

On December 20, 1968, a couple of Vallejo California became the first victim of this cunning assassin and the names were David Faraday and Betty lou jensen.
Both of them were sitting in their car in the parking lot, when an unknown face shot to David's head as soon as he came to the car and when Betty tried to flee from there, he even shot him.
Just after this incident, there has been a series of deaths continue, which is still considered as Mysterious.
Crime Scene by Zodiac killer
The particular thing about this murderer was that it would give a warning to the police before the next murder, but the only difference was that these warnings used to reach the police through letters, and in letters were written in an extremely encrypted form and their decoding was extremely difficult.
Apart from this, the killer also provided the information of his next murderer to the police through phone calls and puzzles.

One of things was very clear that the murderer was the most genius minded.
On July 4, 1969, a phone call came in the Vellejo police department. The person talking on the phone revealed that he had killed a woman named Darlene Ferrin and tried to kill another. In this phone call, he also took responsibility for Betty and David's assassination.

About a month after this phone call, those letters started to appear. He also sent three copies of his second letter to three different newspapers, in which he wrote in the code language as well as the sender of the note also wrote that if those people decode these codes language then the murderer will reveal there identity.

Initially, this note was not much materialised and one of the three newspapers published this note in his newspaper.
The murderer sent a letter similar to a week later to many newspapers and for the first time he revealed his name Zodiac and since then the murderer was known as The Zodiac Killer.
Murder pic
His third letter was successfully decoded by two high-school teachers. In this decoded letter, his next victim was not known, but the message showed the frustrated mentality of that killer.
It was written in this message that instead of  blood, he would get a servant when he went to heaven and after dying he wanted many servants and service in heaven. According to the police record, Zodiac had committed 5 murders, but a letter from Zodiac Killer narrates some other story.
Zodiac wrote in one of his letters...

ME = 37 SFPD = 0, (SFPD=San Francisco police dept) it was clear from the fact that the killer had made these murders a game. There was also a special thing about these letters that he did not use any paper to write,  but used a shirt piece of his hunting.
Letter by Killer
 A month later, this suspected killer made another murder, and this time he used Knife instead of gun.
In his last letter, he had threatened to blow schools and buses by bombs, but on July 8, 1974, the arrival of these letters suddenly stopped.Police arrested 2000 people but he never reached the real zodiac killer.
Letter to Police by Killer
There was some evidence but all the plans to catch the killer failed. Everyone felt that the horror of the killer has now ended, but  four years later after that last letter , in my 1978, a channel got another letter from this assassin and it shocked the whole San Francisco.
It was written in this letter Dear Channel 9 now you will get some good news to report in the next three weeks because I will kill 5 people in the next three weeks. 

I have decided to murder again and the last words of that letter were... C u in the news
Despite this threatening letter, the police could not find a killer and the police themselves had thought that Zodiac Killer was a genius and it is almost impossible to detect such a vicious killer.

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Most Haunted Places in India

                           India's Most Haunted Places

India is well known for its natural beauty and diverse cultures. Our country India is considered to be a country with full of mystery.
Today we will tell you about some place in India which is very scary and is considered to be an inhabitant of Ghost.

                                                            Bhangarh ka Quila

Bhangarh Fort Alwar

The fort of Bhangarh is in the Alwar district of Rajasthan and is considered to be one of India's Top Most Haunted places.
It is said that during the 16th century, this fort is used to be a flourishing state. Here was a beautiful princess, one day a occultists looked at that princess and that occultists was fascinated by that princess and to get that princess, he started to do black magic, but the princess knew it and he was ordered to die but before dying, he cursed the Bhangarh.

 Just after his death, the neighboring state of Bhangarh attacked him and the Bhangarh princess and all the people were killed in the fight. After that Bhangarh was completely devastated. It is believed that the ghosts of those people still live in that fort.
People living here called this place a ghost bungalow, because at night there are some ghosts activities happening. It is also said that whosoever goes here in the night does not return.
At present, this fort is taken care of by Indian Govt. and it is forbidden to stay here at night. The people say that at night some kind of shouting voice comes.  .

                                                                 Dwarka Sec-9

Dwarka sec 9 Delhi

There is often a talk of a witch in Dwarka, Sec 9 in Delhi. Many people have claimed that they have seen a woman's ghost while passing through a Peepal tree at this place. This woman ghost is very famous among the people lived here.
The talk is of one night when a cab filled with Employees, working in a call center of Gurgaon adjacent to Delhi, near Dwarka Sec 9 was going on and suddenly the cab stopped while passing the tree.

But the place was so deserted that no one dared to descend from the cab because everyone knew about the story of that tree. Eventually the driver of the cab turned out and started checking the cab but no fault was found in the car and when he started the car again then he started. When the cab was stopped at the last stop, the driver saw that the girl whose stop was that was unconscious on the last seat of the cab and when the girl was brought to the senses, that girl told a very scary story.

The girl said that when the driver of the cab returned to the cab and when he started the cab a woman in the white sari started walking along with the speed of the cab and trying to stop the car and seeing this, the girl was scared and unconscious.
People here tell that once a mother was passing along with her two children, then both of children were injured by a car, then the mother had sought help from the people passing through the road, but nobody helped her. Due to which both children died.Mother could not bear this shock and she died too.
A few days after this incident, people see woman still seeks help from the people passing from here.
Of course, you can feel that this is all a nonsense, but the people here believe that whenever you go through here during the night, you too feel some negative powers.

                                                       Kuldhara Gaon

Kuldhara village Rajasthan

This is the incident of Kuldhara village of Rajasthan. This village has been deserted for 170 years, thousands of people of Kuldhara village evacuated this village in the same night. It is said that these village are under the control of many ghosts. According to the tourists coming here, they always hear the sound of people roaming.

This village was established by the hardworking and rich Paliwal Brahmins, then what was the reason that the so developed village became deserted overnight? It was because of the Divan Salam Singh whose dirty look had fallen on a girl in the village, He started pressurizing Brahmins to get that girl.
The extent has come when the Divan sent a message to the girl's family that if he was not married to that girl, he would attack the village and raise the girl.

It was difficult for the villagers either to save their village or their daughter, then the villagers decided that the girl would not be given to the Divan and the villagers decided to evacuate the village and cursed that village that this village would never develop again. Some people tried to settle down here but they never came back. The Paranormal team also confirms that there are some negative powers.

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